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Making domain users members of local unix groups

This article describes what I've done in openSUSE 10.3 to make domain users members of local unix groups. It should probably work in many other distributions, but I'm not making any guarantees because I currently don't use any others.

Add the followitg to your /etc/security/group.conf file.

# Make domain users members of common local groups
* ; *; * ; Al0000-2400; floppy, cdrom, video, audio, dialout, users

I also had to alter my /etc/group file by adding the followig line. (Change "MYDOMAIN" to whatever your domain name is.)

MYDOMAIN\domain users:x:10000:

Note: In the example above I know that the unix group 10000 is "MYDOMAIN\domain users". To find out what you should put here, type "id" at the command prompt. Look in the results and you will see something like "gid=10000(MYDOMAIN\domain users)". That "gid" number is what you use.

Good luck!

Tom Sneddon

This works too...

gpasswd -a MYDOMAIN\\domainusername unixgroupname

Tom Sneddon