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Fix missing winbind symlinks in opensuse 13.1

Winbind crashes in openSUSE 13.1 when issuing the "su -l MYDOMAIN\\myusername" command.

This is what I use to mount network shares on my laptop without having to logout and back into KDE, so that was a real problem. (It took me quite a while to figure out why this was happening too.)

I finally noticed that according to the documentation on the Samba wiki there should be a couple of symlinks in the /lib64 directory that I didn't have. You can issue the following commands to create the missing links that will make winbind happy again.

First, make sure you have 64-bit openSUSE 13.1 by typing uname -i at the command line. If you don't get x86_64 back you'll need to alter the commands below accordingly. See the Samba wiki link above for instructions.

ln -s /usr/lib64/libnss_winbind.so.2 /lib64/libnss_winbind.so
ln -s /lib64/libnss_winbind.so /lib64/libnss_winbind.so.2

If you have both the 32-bit and 64-bit libraries for Samba installed you should issue the following commands too.

ln -s /usr/lib/libnss_winbind.so.2 /lib/libnss_winbind.so
ln -s /lib/libnss_winbind.so /lib/libnss_winbind.so.2

Tom Sneddon