"Excuse me please. My ear is full of milk..."

– Oliver Hardy, Going Bye Bye (1934)

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Perl Stuff


"You Are Here" Menu

Here's a you are here" menu that I whipped up one afternoon.

Include it at the top of your pages to add an extra measure of usability.


Style Switcher

Here's a style switcher script that does two things.

  1. Insert html based on the value of a cookie...
  2. ...and set the value of this cookie.

With these two functions you can create custom html based on a user cookie, and allow the user to alter this cookie by clicking links!


Squid Proxy Server Blacklist Redirector

This simple script will read one or more blacklist and/or whitelist of domain names and use that data to direct the Squid proxy server to deny/accept a requested resource based on whether the domain name is in a blacklist/whitelist.