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Linux Stuff

openSUSE 13.2 video issues

openSUSE 13.2 and NVIDIA driver

Increase responsiveness for desktop computers

Remove ZMD in openSUSE 10.2.

Restore subpixel font rendering in openSUSE 10.2.

Fix swappiness in Linux.

Adjust file system cache for optimum responsiveness in desktop Linux computers.

Installing software

Extra repositories for openSUSE 10.2.

Misc. tips

Changing runlevels in systemd via the command line.

Setting up pam authentication for ssh.

How to configure Linux to use mc (Midnight Commander) as the default text editor.

Change GTK theme for forwarded X11 session.

Fix GTK theme for VMware Player.

Determine BIOS version from Linux command line.

mdadm reference

A fix for openSUSE 11.2 if it doesn't register hostnames in dns.

Integration with Active Directory

Winbind crashes in openSUSE 13.1 when issuing the "su -l MYDOMAIN\\myusername" command. Here's how I fixed it.

I've found a solution to pam_mount not unmounting network shares properly in openSUSE 12.2(x86_64).

Using pam_mount to mount network shares in openSUSE 10.2.

Problems with EAGLE pcb cad and pam_mount in openSUSE 11.3/11.4

Making domain users members of local unix groups in openSUSE 10.3.


Suse / openSUSE Linux HowTos and Tutorials.

openSUSE english language forums.